n~motion - Co-Owner
Virgie Thorn

n~motion Tega Cay, LLC Owner, Nia® Moving to Heal Educator; FloorPlay (Art of Play) Educator; successfully completed all required belt-level training to achieve Nia® Black Belt (2nd Degree) Licensed Teacher Certification.

Virgie is CPR certified.

Photograph by Daniel Krys Art & Photography

Dr. Virgie Thorn served in several managerial roles and executive leadership positions during her 32 years of government service. She also managed a successful private business endeavor.

Virgie has a A.A.S in Management, B.S. in Business Administration, M.S. in Information Systems, and Ph.D. in Information Systems and Sciences, and earned a Master’s Certification in Project Management. She also had 30 years experience as an Adjunct Professor where she taught at the graduate and undergraduate level prior to retiring.

In addition to her accomplishments, Virgie has experienced a life-long passion for music, dance, exercise, health, fitness, and nutrition.

Seeking a path to recuperation from a crippling surgery led her to a Nia® class where she realized “life goes on; and dreams never die”. Virgie wanted to be healthy, fit and whole again…and yes, she wanted to dance. Nia® helped fulfill that dream and played a significant role in achieving her goal of healing body, mind and emotions. 

Since her initial class experience in 2015, Virgie has completed nia® White, Blue, Brown, Black, and 1st Degree and 2nd Degree Black Belt, as well as Nia® FloorPlay training and Nia® Moving to Heal Certification. Virgie is a co-owner of n~motion studio, LLC.

A strong believer in both giving back to the community and paying forward, she shares her management and Nia® experience with anyone who will listen.  When asked about her outlook on life, Virgie will tell you: “I love being the me God created….Nia® helps me to be the best me I can be”.

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