Q: Is Ageless Grace™ fun?

A: Ageless Grace™ is a lot of FUN! top

Q: Can I get a workout sitting and moving in a chair?

A: The workout you receive depends on how much you move and participate in class. If you put your heart and soul into your movement you will sweat and receive the benefits of the Ageless Grace™ program due to using imagery and doing the movement. Example: Imagine shoveling snow as a child or an adult. Now using your imaginary shovel... begin shoveling snow as you listen and shovel to your favorite music and after some time has passed switch your hands and shovel some more. top

Q: What should I wear to an Ageless Grace™ class?

A: Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. You can come and participate in an Ageless Grace™ class wearing your work clothes. Some AG students come directly from work and don't have time to change, so come to class in clothing that does not constrict your movement. top

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me when I come to class?

A: You don't need to bring anything, but if you want to bring your water bottle with you this is acceptable. Make choices that are right for YOU and you'll always be right! top

Q: Can anyone participate in an Ageless Grace™ class?

A: Most everyone can participate in an Ageless Grace™ class. No matter what your age, size, ability or disability is... most anyone can benefit from Ageless Grace™. Before participating in any program PLEASE consult with your health care professional. top

Q: Who can benefit most from attending Ageless Grace™ classes?

A: Almost anyone can benefit from Ageless Grace™ using the 21 Simple Tools for lifelong comfort and ease. top

Q: Why is Ageless Grace™ done seated in a chair?

A: Sitting in a chair gives an even playing field for everyone. Doing the moves in a chair makes the move more challenging due to the brain and body having to figure out how to do the moves. top

Q: Is this class ONLY for Active Aging Adults?

A: Anyone of any age can participate in this class, so you do not have to be an Active Aging Adult to participate. top

Q: I'm looking for an Ageless Grace™ class in another state.

A: Please click on the link and it will take you to AG information to find other educators in your state: www.agelessgrace.com top

Q: I'm looking for Ageless Grace™ Seminars and Certification info.

A: Please click on the link and it will take you to AG Seminars and Certification Information: www.agelessgrace.com top

Q: Who can I contact if I'm interested in Ageless Grace™ classes in the Charlotte, NC area?

A: Contact Sherrie Flack or Demetra Yuvanu at n~motion Studio for Ageless Grace class information and questions. You will find the Contact Us page at the top right of this website. top

Q: I don't see a day and class time that works for me, What can I do?

A: n~motion Studio reserves the right to add or cancel classes. Additional classes will be added if the need arises.

Q: I can't find what I'm looking for on your website.

A: For additional information not included on this website go to: Contact Us or visit www.agelessgrace.com top