Demetra Yuvanu Co-Owner
Demi Yuvanu

Nia® White, Blue and Brown Belt Licensed Teacher, Ageless Grace™ Educator, EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) Coach, Guided Meditation Facilitator,  Children's Book Author, Nia® Greece Retreat Coordinator, Organizer and Facilitator.

Demi is CPR certified

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Demetra Yuvanu was born and raised in Athens, Greece.
Through many life experiences in Athens, Turkey, Texas, Washington State, California and North Carolina, she now calls South Carolina home.

Demi, as she is commonly called, was first introduced to Nia-the holistic movement practice-in 2002 in CA and instantly fell in love with its philosophy, world music, empowering message and healing potential.

Demi had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis at that time and was wearing shoe orthotics. After kicking shoes and orthotics off to dance Nia®, her feet got stronger, more flexible and the painful condition disappeared completely! She has been pain-free ever since!

Demi received her 1st Nia® training-the White Belt-in CA, her Blue Belt in Houston and her Brown Belt in the Carolinas. She's been teaching inspiring weekly classes since 2005 in the Charlotte, Matthews, Fort Mill and Rock Hill areas. One of Demi's annual highlights is the week-long Seaside Nia Retreat in Greece at quaint Agistri island. See the venue here:

Demi is also a certified Ageless Grace Educator, an EFT/Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) coach and an experiential workshop and guided meditation facilitator.

Please check the schedule for her 4 hr. workshop consisting of nia®, vision board creation, EFT and personalized  affirmations, as well as her series of 5 guided meditations.

She is also the author of the children's book Now I Know How! a middle-grade tale to help children triumph in life. The book is for sale on Amazon:
and her website:

Demi loves re-purposing old furniture. Look around n~motion and if you want, ask her about the story behind each piece.

Others often comment on her remarkable ability to extend acceptance, motivation, warmth and inspiration. Her life's philosophy that perception creates our reality and that the Universe ultimately has our best interest at heart, keeps her grounded in a world where visions and desires manifest in alignment with our highest good.

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