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Nanette Baltz

n~motion Tega Cay, LLC Owner, Nia® White, Blue, and Brown Belt Licensed Teacher, Baltz Music Studio Owner, and Joint Venture Partner at The Vine Studio, Charlotte NC.  Nanette is CPR Certified.

Photograph by Daniel Krys

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Nanette Baltz received her BA in Political Science with a Social Studies K-12 Teaching Certification from Ursinus College and studied Music Theory at Bob Jones University. She co-founded Baltz Studio with her husband Ron Baltz over 30 years ago.

Her Music Studio continuously provides private and collaborative music instruction paired with opportunities for performance and competition for her students to excel. Baltz Studio was chosen by Steinway Piano Gallery in Charlotte to present the SPG Steinway Award which recognizes achievement of outstanding musicianship in a graduating High School Senior.

Nanette is active in the Music Teachers National Association supporting the organization by holding offices at the Affiliated State and Local levels. She has been recognized by the Piano Technician™ Guild with the Creative Teaching Award, by the SC Music Teacher Association with the Genesis Grant for further education for Independent Teachers and by Steinway as Top Music Teacher in the metro Charlotte area.

Her Church Ministry includes directing Bible and Music programs for adults and youth  as well as being Pianist, Organist and Saxophonist for Worship Services.

Being well enough to serve in ministry and teach, are blessings Nanette knows are miracles having experienced a debilitating car accident in 1989.

Her trauma required numerous surgical procedures to address her life threatening condition. Her recovery from these surgeries such as an ileostomy, broken spine, crushed right ankle and emotional duress (pregnancy losses and the inability to have additional children) took her in and out of hospitals and physical therapy.

After her last surgery in 2010 to repair her abdominal wall, followed by all 30 allowable physical therapy sessions, Nanette was still in constant pain!

Finding a supportive, understanding and non-judgmental community to her handicapped situation was crucial. Thus she began her nia® journey January 2011 under the tutelage of Kat Mansfield and Sherrie Flack. Subsequently, she studied with Demetra Yuvanu and Terese Schoen.

October 2016 she received her White Belt training with Kate Finlayson and May 2019 Blue Belt studies with Winalee Zeeb. Nanette is a co-owner of the n~motion studio, LLC.

With her children grown, Nanette was left with more free time and was thrilled to be able to add Nia® classes to her teaching schedule.

Celebrating the healing transition from being in a coma to Nia® instructor, and the pure joy of movement to music she experienced in this remarkable journey are gifts she loves sharing.

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