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Sherrie Flack

White, Blue, Brown and Black Belt Licensed Teacher, Nia® Freedance Facilitator, FloorPlay (Art of Play) Educator, Ageless Grace™ Educator, MELT® Method Hand and Foot Instructor and Chakradance™ Facilitator. Sherrie is CPR Certified

Photograph by Melissa Flack

Sherrie's Nia® journey began when a friend shared Global Unity Nia® DVD with her.

The very first time she danced this Nia® routine in the comfort of her home, she was surprised how deeply her body, emotions, mind and spirit were touched by it! Her entire body-every part of herself-experienced something that she hadn't experienced before. Her first Nia® class was rich and freeing and Sherrie desired more.

There were no Nia® teachers offering classes where she lived at the time, but to her surprise when a Nia® White Belt training was offered in Sarasota, Florida in May 2008, she attended without any hesitation and chose to license right away. One week after the training she began sharing Nia® in Orlando, Florida. In June 2011, Sherrie and her husband relocated to Charlotte, NC where she has enjoyed growing Nia® in both North and South Carolina ever since.

Sherrie held onto her White Belt for 6 years while she self-studied and embodied the work utilizing the Nia® resources available to her. She has since received Blue, Brown and in 2019 received her Black Belt.

Prior to Nia®, as a young adult, Sherrie attended classes for fun in variety of movement modalities which included: Dance Basics, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Ballet, Line Dancing, Belly Dancing and Ballroom. Her past dance experience brings a fun dance platform for her to tap into when she teaches, and when expressing herself in her classes.

Sherrie's additional Nia® trainings also include Nia® Freedance, FloorPlay (Art Of Play). Taking these trainings has given her more knowledge, understanding and additional tools needed in facilitating classes, which has deepened her Nia® practice as well.

Other certifications not related to Nia® include: Ageless Grace™, Chakradance™, and MELT Method™ Hand and Foot.

In each class, Sherrie invites and encourages her students to express themselves in their own unique way. She gives them permission to adapt the moves and invites everybody to take a personal journey of self-discovery, if they choose.

In Sherrie's words: "Nia® brings joy and pleasure to my life. I cannot imagine life without it!" She loves that Nia® incorporates the Movement Forms (Dance Arts, Martial Arts and Healing Arts) in each class. She often shares that when she steps out of class, her body, mind, emotions and spirit feel balanced and FREE!

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