Teresen~motion Family Pic
Terese Schoen

Nia® White, Blue, Brown and Black Belt Licensed Teacher, Ageless Grace™ Educator, Qoya Teacher, Fully Licensed Emergence Care Practitioner, Bio-Harmonics Specialist, Licensed Spiritual Mentor, Highly Intuitive (sessions by appointment only), Writer and Recording Artist. 

Terese is CPR certified.

Photograph by Daniel Krys Art & Photography

Terese began studying dance at the age of 8.  At 18, at a national level, she endured a severe spinal cord injury and the top medical centers wrote her off telling her she’d never do more than walk again.  Her health spiraled out of control for decades until she walked into a Nia® class.  It  was there that she found the “No pain, ALL gain” concept that changed her life's course forever.  Dance, movement, and Self-guidance “woke her up”  as her life mirrored a butterfly coming out of the cocoon.

Now in her 50s pain free and moving better, she's fueled by passion to help others heal.  Terese brings empowerment to every class and session she does. She is a positive energy and creative family-oriented student of life.  Her desire to travel and connect with people, has led her to amazing life experiences on the planet.

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