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The mission of n~motion Studio Tega Cay is to create and maintain a community of mindfulness and movement for everybody. Our intent is to encourage students in their journey of self-discovery, self-expression, and joy.

n~motion is the brainchild of dedicated women who wanted to create a space for a community of people interested in movement, motion, music, mindfulness, and motivation.

Our initial focus was on nia® but, after talking with others within the community, we quickly realized the benefits of other modalities that embody the same “whole person” concept - a creative movement designed to help students grow in mind, body, and spirit. We also strongly believed that our name “n~motion” should represent a place that inspires a sense of well-being in an environment that is nurturing, safe, fun, and free from judgment.

We hope that in the n~motion symbol, you see a little bit of yourself: Joy, Strength, Peace, Love, Vulnerability, Inclusion, Energy (yin and yang), life transformations, and possibilities - all in one beautiful body - yours. The bottom line, we want you to find a place for yourself in the n~motion studio because it's all about you and our future together. n~motion is truly a place for everybody.

Our Journey

How do women from all walks of life and different parts of the country manage to find each other to start a movement studio in a city called Fort Mill? Well, the easy answer is we had the same dreams and aspirations, so the universe simply brought us together. But that's not the whole story.

Although our founders are five nia® teachers, our story has a cast of characters, all of who played a part in making the goal of n~motion a reality. From past nia® instructors who brought something new and different into an area that had never heard of this thing called “Nia” to students who stepped into (and eventually embraced) a new concept of fusion fitness, joy in movement, and dancing your body's way. These pioneers forged a path into the Fort Mill/Tega Cay area through the local YMCA. To all of them, we owe a debt of gratitude and appreciation. We would not be where we are today had they not taken the first tremulous steps.

It was during these initial classes at the YMCA that a handful of students discovered the joy of nia® and the dedication of the instructors. As students continued the training, changes began to show in their bodies and they saw for themselves what mindful movement can do. Others began to take notice and joined the nia® community. A few nia® ambassadors started telling people about nia® and we grew. As classes grew and interest increased, the community wanted more opportunities to attend and other types of classes for healing at a slower pace. We had requests for early morning and late evening classes as well as classes for children and families. We began to consider how to meet these needs. Although classes were added, they were not sufficient to address certain segments of the community.

In 2016, four students from the Fort Mill area attended a White Belt Training in Charlotte, NC. In 2018, ten students were interested in taking White Belt instruction locally. A thorough search ended in no venue willing to give up space for eight hours daily over a seven-day period. The training was eventually held in a teacher's home that (with the help of the Y) allowed the training to take place as scheduled. But, it was challenging for the students to go from one location to another. This was an “Aha!” moment for the current teachers as they considered what to do with future training as well as the next steps for this graduating class and the one prior. There were now 14 White Belts that needed mentoring, nurturing, and teaching opportunities. Something had to be done soon.

After much consideration, conscientious thought, and agonizing deliberation, a decision was made to leave the YMCA and look for rental space in the local area. In addition, our nia® teachers who were already seasoned instructors decided to continue their training and education to better position themselves to teach with enthusiasm while helping students get in touch with their mind/body connection through various modalities.

Although excellent teachers, our instructors weren't infallible. They were faced with their own challenges – some walked in pain, others walked in fear and fought for courage, while others had to learn how to break old habits and physical patterns. And, some had to learn to trust their own accomplishments enough to step out on a limb. But love for the nia® community was an enticement to leave comfort zones and starting a new adventure ultimately prevailed.

Our journey was not an easy road, but with the help of our nia® tribe and an outstanding group of very dedicated friends, it has been a rewarding one.
We have started the first leg of what we hope will be an amazing journey into the future. As we do so, we want you to know how much we value our community and look forward to expanding into areas of movement that will benefit everybody.

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We at n~motion would like to invite you to take a few minutes to meet our instructors!