Sandra Asher Co-OwnerCrop
Sandra Asher

Nia® White and Green Belt Licensed Teacher and Nia® Moving To Heal Educator. Sandra is CPR Certified.

Photograph by Daniel Krys Art & Photography

Sandra discovered Nia® in January of 2015 when she was looking for a cardio workout to do while recovering from injury during a triathlon training. She found Nia® - a non-impact exercise that worked every aspect of the body - that she could do "her body's way".

During her first Nia® class, Sandra was very nervous but felt welcomed and accepted. She had found what she was looking for - an amazing exercise experience that she says "brought me back to myself". Nia® has given her a tremendous feeling of freedom and her body has responded with lessened aches and pains, weight loss and toning, and nice juicy joints. Nia® has also brought calm and reflection as well as the freedom to express herself in a judgment-free zone as she danced.

As she learned more about the benefits of Nia®, teaching was the next logical step and Sandra registered for her White Belt Certification. Sandra now shares Nia® and Moving To Heal with others through her unique teaching style. Sandra continues to take Nia Teacher Training to hone her skills – completing her latest - her Green Belt Certification in May 2019.

Sandra is the President and Chief Financial Officer of Tachez, LLC which she co-owns with her husband. She also owns Asher Hand-Crafts LLC. Sandra holds a BS in Biology and has certifications in multiple web-friendly modalities/services as well as Project Management. She has served on the Board of Tri It For Life - a non-profit organization that mentors women to complete their first Sprint triathlon – in multiple positions. Sandra has been a Girl Scout Troop leader, a Red Cross certified CPR instructor and has held positions in retail sales, sales management, and store management. She has also previously held positions as a recovery specialist as well as Laboratory Technician for a regional winery in NC. She is a NC native who for a while lived in Florida, Illinois and Texas, where each of her three children were born.

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