Maggie the Belly Dancer
Maggie Ottiano

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Maggie has a heart for belly dancing and is excited to add this wonderful art to the repertoire of healthy movement practices offered at N~motion Studio. Belly dancing has always been a major part of Maggie's life and heritage. She began belly dancing at an early age and over the years has won many competitions as well as performed in numerous shows.

With a passion for seniors, Maggie eventually started her own business where she could focus on entertaining in local nursing homes and assisted living facilities. According to Maggie, belly dancing is a low-impact exercise that involves isolating muscles to help people relax in a fun and enjoyable way. It also aids in toning muscle, improving posture, and reducing stress. She wanted seniors to feel good about their bodies.

Maggie is now a part of our local community and is eager to bring her skills to anyone who wants to feel the joy of movement through belly dancing. There are many different belly dancing styles. Maggie feels her style of teaching will prepare, develop, and refine over time as clients learn the moves, enhance their skills, and practice the specific choreography. She uses a layering approach that eventually leads to simple combinations. Props (such as scarves/belts) are provided as needed. Once the foundation is established, clients have what they need to continue practicing and improving.

Maggie is quick to say, "Belly dancing is good for the mind, body, and spirit. Join me at N~motion Studio and let the shimmy begin!!!"

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